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In July 2014, the ORA Network was founded as an international association in Banja Luka. This happened as a logical continuation of a long-term process, and has grown from the roots.

In 2009 several European organisations launched a dynamic educational process called "ORA", acronym of Observe Rethink Act. This process gathered together Youth Centres, Nature Reserves, environmental NGOs, associations of social promotion, cooperatives, artistic crews, cultural associations and Eco Centres in order to broaden the opportunities of social, cultural, environmental and economical inclusion of young people in the community life.

ORA's concept is to provide directly young people with the opportunity to Observe their own context (both local and international), to Rethink their own role (as individuals and members of society) and to Act as responsible citizens to strengthen community. This common process enriched the efficiency and quality of the work done at grassroots level by every organisation.

In fact, by combining different sets of Non Formal Education methodologies and by using the interaction of several elements related to sustainable living, ORA ensured a positive impact on local dimension and accomplished wider engagement of the young people. In order to make the relationship among the different partners stronger and resting on a long-term platform, it came up the idea to establish an international network among organisations from different European countries in order to draw feasible scenarios, plan common initiatives, co-ordinated actions and project perspectives within the framework of Observe Rethink Act.

News about ORA

We recently started our new project "ORA: green tools to enhance the social inclusion of young people and sustainable development of local communities"

Between 18 and 27 March, we implemented the first activity of the project, a Training Course in Torino di Sangro, Italy. The Workshop Path focused on exploring different educational and skill based activities and tools to respond to needs of young people focusing on Gardening, Environmental Education Modules, Green Woodworking, Ecological Educational Path. The project's next phase will be a Youth Exchange in Berlin between 20 and 29 May.

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New Website for Our Project: 'ORA: Capacity Building to Generate Innovative Approaches in Youth Work'

On the website, you can find the full description of the project, as well as all the media produced and all the outcomes, such as a report of our Study Visits. 

Our ongoing project, which has successfully started with a Study Visit in Belgium (16-23 october 2016) and continued with a Semminar in Berlin (5-12 February 2017) is already prepairing for the next phase, a Training Course in Banja Luka (7-16 May 2017).

We are waiting for your feedback!

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ORA Network has a new member!

We are proud to welcome our newest member, Istituto Abruzzese per le Aree Protette. IAAP works for protecting biodiversity in the Abruzzo region and raising awareness on economic models and societies that respect biodiversity. 

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ORA: sustainable communities with youth power switched ON - started

The project "ORA: sustainable communities with youth power switched ON" started with a training in Torino di Sangro. During the training multipliers devloped skills inse veral workshops, which will be used during two youth exchanges in May in Oybin (Germany), in August in Krupanj (Serbia) and in local activities of all partners.  You can see view impressions here

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ORA Network registered

Just in time for our next meeting in Torino di Sangro, the ORA network was officially registered and recognized as charitable. We are now in the position to start our work as an NGO. The next task will now be to answer the requests for new memberships and to continue to work together on projects.

I thank all those who helped to achieve this status and I look forward to continuing to work.

Martin Kleinfelder

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who we are

In 2009, several European organisations launched an ongoing dynamic educational process they decided to call Observe Rethink Act or "ORA". This process gathers together Youth Centres, Nature Reserves, environmental NGOs, social development organisations, cooperatives, art collectives, cultural organisations, and Eco-centres.

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New multi activity project starts

In 2015 we will implement a multi activty project, called "ORA: Sustainable Communities with Youth Power Switched ON". Project contains a training and two youth exchanges. All Countries, wich have ORA members, are represented in the project.

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multimedia libary

In our library you find videos, grafics, publications and audio files. They all where produced during our past projects. In future we will give more information about them and link them with the project archive. We hope you get a lot of suggestions and models for projects and the tools you can use. Enjoy our work results!

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