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Udruženje Crveno Drvo

“Udruženje Crveno Drvo” – Jugendverein “Roter Baum” is non-profit organisation registered in Serbia. The organisation’s goals are the dissemination and popularization of art and culture as well as its use in problem solving, democratic development, building peace and trust among all nations and ethnic communities, promotion of multiculturalism and intercultural dialogue, environmental protection and the pursuit of sustainable living.

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Istituto Abruzzese per le Aree Protette (IAAP – Institute for Protected Areas of Abruzzo)

IAPP is a no- profit organization founded in 2008 to: manage the regional nature reserves entrusted to WWF Italy and to promote all the activities related to the management of natural protected areas, Natura 2000 sites and other areas of naturalistic and environmental interest, according to European, National and Regional laws and regulations, in terms of surveillance, maintenance, studies, research, documentation, training, communication and environmental education.

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ARCI Nuova Associazione Circolo Territoriale Chieti

Chieti, Italy

Arci Chieti is an Italian non-profit NGO founded in 2002, which works for the mobility and empowerment of disadvantaged young people. Arci Chieti works on the themes of active citizenship, creative expression, inclusion, multimedia, sustainable development, and the promotion of Human Rights in local and international projects.

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Agenda 21

Bucharest, Rumania

Agenda 21 is a non-profit NGO working on sustainable development with a focus on young people, and the inclusion of marginal groups. The organisation works on environmental issues, civic education and the respect of Human Rights.

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Centar za životnu sredinu (Centre for environment) CZZS

Center for Environment is an organization of professionals and activists dedicated to the protection and improvement of the environment, advocating principles of sustainable development and greater public participation in decision making about the environment. Their main areas of focus are biodiversity and protected areas, energy use and climate change, and sustainable transport.

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Center for Sustainable Civil Society

The Center for Sustainable Civil Society is a non-profit NGO that works for the sustainable development of civil society in Bulgaria by bringing together young people and students from different university disciplines such as sociology, political sciences, cultural studies and anthropology. The organisation works on topics such as intercultural communication, youth inclusion, environmental awareness and sustainable development.

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Centre jeunes “Les Récollets”

Les Récollets is a youth club, which has official government recognition and is therefore funded by the youth and culture sector. The youth club works with young people of 12-26 years old with the main goal of developing with them active and responsible citizenship through the arts and socio-cultural projects.

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eiBò! is an non-profit NGO which works for social inclusion and active citizenship of all groups through projects that centre on the themes of environmental sustainability and creative expression.  The focus of the NGO is education in all its forms, especially the use of non-formal education methodologies.

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Environmental Center for Development Education and Networking (EDEN)

The EDEN centre is a non-profit NGO that works on sustainable development and environmental protection. They carry out this work through education, awareness raising and capacity building with the community, young people, local government and businesses.

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Generator is an NGO that works on the promotion of arts and culture among young people. This work is carried in the multiethnic community in southern Serbia with the aim of addressing social and youth problems in the local area in order to create a stronger community. Generator uses the tool of creativity to encourage cooperation, exchange of ideas and shared learning on both a local and international level.

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Kinderring is a non-profit NGO whose work is focussed on creating structured free time activities in collaboration with young people, implemented on the local district level. Their projects are designed to build the capacities of young people educate themselves and to act independently. Another focus is youth volunteering in schools, which is aimed at helping schoolchildren to participate in their communities, and for example to fight against racism, fascism etc.

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"Roter Baum" Berlin UG

Roter Baum Berlin is a German NGO with youth, family and education centres. Roter Baum is involved in both local and international youth projects, working on youth mobility as well as participation, youth culture and political education.

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Terracoste is a cooperative, which manages protected areas, and aims to develop them through the provision of environmental education, promotion of eco-tourism. In addition to promoting professional and scientific training courses Terracoste works through culture and recreation to reach a wide audience of children and adults with educational workshops, volunteering events, tours, seminars and workshops.

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Udruzenje Svetlost (Association Light)

Svetlost is an NGO that is dedicated to the development of the creative capacities of young people. They use multimedia and art to send a message of positive consciousness, promoting active youth citizenship and inclusion in the areas of culture and sustainable development.

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Elektrika is an NGO specialized in cultural enrichment, and it exists on the independent European arts scene where it publishes different types of books with both illustrated and written stories/responses on a given theme. Other activities that Elektrika is involved in are the organisation of different cultural and social events, including concert and festival organisation in their local area. Elektrika works as incubator of ideas, working on the principle that any idea can be realised and that everything is possible. 

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Urban Organic

Urban Organic is a Community Interest Company that was created in order to use gardening and bee keeping to promote the inclusion and well being of marginalised groups at a local level. Through its projects it aims to engage and inspire people to make changes in how they buy and eat food, as well as to raise their level of environmental awareness.

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Zdravo da Ste

Zdravo da Ste is a non-profit NGO and youth centre that works to support the development of the community and civil society. The youth centre provides a wide range of educational, arts and sports activities and courses. Zdravo da Ste focuses on the themes of Children’s Rights, as well as youth mobility and the development of civil society.

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Pedalable Edibles

'Pedalable Edibles' is an ethical natural food growing initiative designed to grow fruit & vegetables for local people in their very own homes. PE also runs a grassroots social change enterprise designed to bring the less well off in society together to work towards a more sustainable and abundant future through ‘guerrilla gardening’, and regularly participates in a voluntary capacity in several different environmental conservation community groups.

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