who we are

how it all started

In 2009, several European organisations launched an ongoing dynamic educational process they decided to call Observe Rethink Act or "ORA". This process gathers together Youth Centres, Nature Reserves, environmental NGOs, social development organisations, cooperatives, art collectives, cultural organisations, and Eco-centres. They came together in order to broaden the opportunities for the social, cultural, environmental and economic inclusion of young people in their communities.

The basic concept of ORA is to provide young people with the direct opportunity to Observe their context (both at a local and international level), to Rethink their own role (both as individuals and as members of society) and to Act as responsible citizens to strengthen their communities. Participation in the ORA process improved the efficiency and enriched the quality of the work done at the grassroots level by every organisation involved. ORA works by combining different Non-formal Education methodologies and using several elements related to sustainable living. By doing this ORA has created positive local impact and encouraged wider engagement from young people for all the organisations in the network.

In order to strengthen the relationship between the partners and make ORA sustainable in the long term we decided create an international network connecting torganisations from different European countries. This was formalised in an international meeting in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina in July 2014 with 15 members from 9 different countries.

After the ORA Network was established, we started procedure to register the network. From february 2015 the Network is officially registered as "ORA Network e.V." (E.V. = Eingetragener Verein = registered assiciation) on Registration court Berlin-Charlottenburg. Also we are recognized as charitable and non profit in Berlin tax office for entities.

This network now works together to plan shared initiatives, co-ordinate activities and design projects within the framework of Observe Rethink Act.

values & vision

Our vision is of an inclusive and participatory society without discrimination, where people achieve their full potential in harmony with the environment.

In our work we are driven by the values of solidarity, cooperation, equal opportunities, intercultural understanding, and respect.


By designing and realizing workshops, trainings, seminars, exchanges, multimedia and artistic production, public events, and awareness raising campaigns, we aim:

  • to facilitate active citizenship and participation, as well as promoting voluntary work and youth activism in local communities and on a international level.
  • to empower young people, adults, youth workers, and educators; in order to increase competences, skills and the quality of work done at the grassroots level.
  • to support the activities and the development of Youth Centres, cultural associations, Eco-centres, art collectives, and social development organisations.
  • to preserve and raise awareness of biodiversity and protected areas (national parks, urban gardens, nature reserves, and Sites of Community Importance as defined in the European Habitats Directive).



ORA network
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Statute of ORA Network

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